“Thermartex®” is an abbreviation of “thermally reflective textiles” and is the trade name for a new company based in the south of England. The company supplies materials designed for a wide range of commercial and military applications. The “bedding blanket” is the launch product. Fabric can also be supplied by the roll, and off the roll in some cases. Materials used to produce “Thermartex®” are supplied by manufacturers with considerable expertise regarding space and aerospace applications, and whose customers include NASA and ESA. All “Thermartex®” products involve the deposition of a thin layer of aluminium onto a woven nylon fabric, with or without an intermediate or protective coating. A large variety of nylon fabric types are available, from 1.2 oz/sq yd (40 gsm) rip-stop parachute to 6 oz/sq yd (200 gsm), in almost any colour. Some of these materials are breathable.